The ultimate in green cleaning is cleaning that is delivered by bicycle!

There is no easier way for you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Bike Friendly Businesses

Peddler Brewing Company is a bike friendly brewery with a tasting room and beer garden in Ballard that features bike decor, lots of bicycle parking, and an area to do small bicycle repairs. If you like beer and bikes, this is the perfect stopover on the way home.

Counterbalance Bicycles is right on the Burke Gilman Trail. Everyone in the shop is friendly and knowledgeable. Their primary concern is to make sure that you can get around on your bike! My work bike was purchased from them.

G&O Family Cyclery is a family centered bike shop devoted to getting families, and anyone else, riding bikes. They have some sweet cargo and passenger bikes that I drool over every time I step into their shop!

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