The ultimate in green cleaning is cleaning that is delivered by bicycle!

There is no easier way for you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really ride your bike? Do you carry everything you need to clean?

Yes, I do! Well, except for a vacuum cleaner.

What kind of cleaning supplies do you use?

I can tailor that to your preferences. I prefer using cleaners that are easy on the environment, you and your family, and me. Sometimes, especially for initial cleanings, I like to use something a little stronger, and then use friendly products for maintenance cleaning.

What are your rates? How much do you charge for cleaning?

I do an initial cleaning at a rate of $75 per hour, which will do two things, get things ship shape if they aren't already, and give me an idea of what will be involved in regular, recurring cleanings (cleanings that occur no more than four weeks apart). After that, I can do one of two things: Either I can continue to work hourly at the same rate (works best if tasks change from time to time or if there are people in the house for me to work around) or I can send you a quote for a fixed fee (works best for routine cleaning when I have the house to myself allowing me to work efficiently). For a specialty, occasional, or one time cleaning, such as party prep or clean up, I work by the hour. Note, for all jobs, there is a three hour minimum.

Would you like to set up an appointment? I would like to come meet with you in your home and do a walk through with you to determine things like what you are looking for in a cleaner (I can be flexible.) and what I need to bring for the cleanings. I travel by bike (preferably) or by bus--embracing a car-free existence!

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