The ultimate in green cleaning is cleaning that is delivered by bicycle!

There is no easier way for you to reduce your carbon footprint.

STEM Cleaning

Welcome to the home page of STEM Cleaning! My name is Deb Otto, and I’ve lived in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle for several years now. I moved to the Pacific Northwest to be near family, and living in the Queen Anne neighborhood allows me to be close to all the fun things going on near downtown and the Seattle Center, the Folklife Festival in particular. I love my adopted city because of the culture, the distinctive neighborhoods, and the progressive thinking.

I had already been car-free for several years when I decided to start this business in 2013. Not really wanting to go back to car ownership again, I was musing aloud to a friend about the viability of a bicycle-based house cleaning business, he said, “Of course you can! This is Seattle!” He was right. I love the close connection I feel with the city's neighborhoods and its people by getting around on my bike.

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